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Agricultural Lime

Tuscola Stone is located in the center of some of the best farm land in Illinois. Our agricultural lime plays a critical role in supplying the farming industry with quality lime for their farming operations. Our mine has multiple ledges that provide us with various qualities that benefit our farmers. For those farmers looking for HIGH Magnesium Ag Lime ---- We Have It! Below is a lab analysis of our Ag Lime.

Ag Lime is determined by three factors:

  1. Calcium Carbonate Equivalent (CCE)
  2. The fineness of the material
  3. The magnesium content

  The effective neutralizing value (ENV) represents a combination of the total carbonates and the fineness of the material. The ENV is the percentage required to equal 1 ton of 100% ENV lime.

Click here to download our Ag Lime Analysis Report in PDF format.

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